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Why do people volunteer at Agape?
An ideal volunteer experience is one that is rewarding and meaningful for the volunteer and the organization. Volunteers bring specialized skills and knowledge to their organizations; in return, volunteers develop a greater sense of community and the satisfaction in knowing they have made a significant impact in the lives of others.

The Agape Volunteer Program
Applications are accepted on an on-going basis. Upon the receipt of your application we will set up an interview and tour so you can ask questions and get to know us. At that time, if a volunteer position is open that is of interest to you, we will finalize the volunteer position and you can set your schedule.

Volunteer Mission Statement
The Volunteer Program is committed to providing services that empower people to achieve their goals in an environment that embraces the individuality and cultural diversity of clients, employees, and the communities we serve. Volunteers demonstrate their compassion and creativity in ways that support the purpose of Agape Missions and strengthen the community while upholding confidentiality and the values of the agency.

  • Please call ahead before filling out an application to see if there is opportunity available. 815-723-1548 Ext 21.

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