Health Department

As of late, many community agencies and state entities have taken on a financial deficit because of the state’s budget shortfall. Agencies who provide services to the community are behind because the state owes financially. Due to the budget impasse, major entities are having to make cuts to programs and jobs for 100′s of employees while other agencies are closing their doors. Thousands of individuals and families are directly impacted by these program cuts especially in Will County.

The Health Department recently announced deep cuts and/or elimination later this month in the areas of mental health, HIV prevention, and several family services.  This not only impacts the clients and families being served, but the employees and community as well. Access to education, mental health, HIV/STD prevention and care, and self-sufficiency for families will no longer be available which will impact the health and safety of our communities. One of our own here at Agape Missions spoke on behalf of the need of the Health Department, highlighting the importance of these programs and the ramifications of these cuts. Agape Missions works closely with the Health Department and many clients of Agape Missions utilize the programs at the Health Department. We hope that with your voice and the help of our legislatures, solutions will be found and no cuts will have to happen.

Below you will find several links about the press conference and about the program cuts that may be happening in our community.